About Us

About Us

KSA Seafoods and Marine Products is an established Marine product exporter in India with more than 20 years of experience in business

KSA SEAFOODS was established in 1996 under the leadership of Rayappan KSA. The venture started as a humble peeling shed in the coastal area of Rameswaram has now emerged into an exporting company. Having the experience over 20 years in the business give us the opportunity to provide quality material to our customers all over the world. Being at the southern tip of India gives us way to purchase marines products from entire southern coastal regions. And our own Gulf of manner crabs, Squids and prawns taste stands above the rest and world knows it.
Mr. Rayappan being a fisherman from his young age deals with fishermen directly and it makes way to a stronger purchasing network. Quality and reliability are the two eyes of our company. Our ultimate aim it to invest effort, time, heart and prayers for emerging and sustaining as the best marine exporting company in India.

What We Offer


We collect fresh products from the Fisherman and froze them in a hygienic manner. We pack them after cleaning in factory and transport in an insulated container.


KSA Seafoods are known for its Quality and reliablity all over the world. Our high quality of products helped us to withstand in the business for over years.

Global Services

We provide services to all the countries around the world. We transport products and deliver our customers at right time with perfect quality and freshness.

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