cut crab

Now that you gone out, had a good time, caught some crabs, and brought them home, it's time to get to the good part: consuming your hard earned catches. But before you try to gorge the crabs down your throat, you should probably prepare them first, and below are some simple instructions for preparing your crabs so they can be easily cooked.

Slipper lobster

The standard for value-priced Lobster, the Brown and Pink-Shelled Slipper Lobster is a retail bargain and a restaurant trademark. The thinner-shelled Brown will yield a few more edible bites and thus demands a slightly higher price. The Slipper Meat is processed from the Pink-Shelled Tail and is especially suitable for broiled open-faced style sandwiches. Slipper lobsters, also called flat, locust, Spanish, shovel-nosed and bulldozer; Australians call some of them “bugs;” are scattered throughout many of the world’s warmer coastal waters, but nowhere in large quantities.

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